Laser coding.....

                                   ...without fumes!



A stunning new development from Herma

What no Smoke ??? 





In co-operation with KBA-Metronic, Herma has developed a pressure sensitive label that can be laser coded with incredible detail but does not create toxic fumes, in fact it creates no fumes at all.


The patented process enables a white

(or preprinted in colors) label to be turned black by the laser without ablating (burning) the surface of the label.


The labels are wipe-resistant and scratch-proof made from paper or OPP foil laminate labels with a very robust construction.











Laser markable labels developed and
manufactured by Herma.

• paper or OPP foil laminate labels
• robust label composition
• suitable for use in damp environments
• range of adhesives
• excellent results with KBA-Metronic K-1000 lasers
• high speed marking, on the fly.

Reliable coding right up to the leading label
Tested thoroughly with a KBA-Metronic
CO2 laser system (illustrated)

• wipe-resistant and scratch-proof
• print area up to 250 x 250mm
• no further consumables required
• label formats are simple to change and require
  no engineering support
• codes right to the very last label (at the labeler beak)
– a challenge to most other technologies.

Ideal for the coding of product packaging,
outer cases and pallets

• printing packing and shipping codes
• coding batch and lot numbers
simplifying internal logistics
At a glance:

Summary of key benefits:
• codes fast and with precision
• reliable operation with minimal maintenance
• non-contact technology
• integration onto any production line
• variable data coding
• simple to operate
• network integration with camera systems for complete traceability

Can you believe a bug printed on a label by a laser!!!