Miscellaneous Labellers

Many configurations are possible including labeling over 1000 per minute

Servo indexed roller conveyor Labeler

A servo indexed roller conveyor system enables vials to be placed and then labels to be applied at high speeds.

The unit has a hot stamp coder for coding the labels, and a vision system for checking. An inbuilt splicing table and twin label feed rolls facilitates the change of the label rolls.


Label splicing

A label splicing station is attached to a high-speed labeler. Twin label feed rolls and twin splicing zones enable new labels to be spliced to the tail end of the old roll labels while the take-up rollers feed labels forward to the labeller during the splicing operation.


Multiple configurations of Labelers

Multiple configurations of labelling systems are available depending on requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact Aesus for systems that you may need.

Numerous options are available for speeds form a few a minute even to thousands per minute!


Premier Top Labeler

This is a very compact Premier top labeler, is exceptionally narrow. It can be used in tight spaces, and despite this, has been equipped with a laser coder, vision system, reject table with a pull-out drawer, memories for repeat set-ups, adjustable dials with sick counters to ease of repeat set-ups and a swivel control panel which houses all operator interfaces conveniently in one place. The Premier range of labellers are usually guarded for extra operator security.


Premier Top and bottom Labeler

The Premier top and bottom labeller as with all our Premier range has swivel operator interface, premium guarding, memories and sick multiturn counters the ease of repeat set-ups, etc. This unit had a special device to rotate the containers to the correct position so that the label is placed exactly in relation to a witness Mark on the container. The labels are placed on top and bottom of the container, with label presence sensors check that the label has been applied complete with a reject shelf in unlikely event that label is not replied.


Premier Systems

Complete systems can be put together, for example in this instance two rows of mascaras, held in pucks, were inverted, labels were placed on the bottom of the containers, the containers were checked and then reverted to their normal position.

There were two rows of labelling with 2 heads, the labels were laser coded and vision systems checked the codes, if there were any code errors the label only was rejected, the container being held for the next correct label. If there were to be a misapplied label the system detects this and rejects the container.

Again the system is guarded, and control panels are mounted for easy access, with recipe management and sick counters for easier repeat set-ups.


Very Simple Controls

On the Label heads the controls, power supply, and most of what is needed to label is built right in to the head. This makes it very easy to adapt to almost any situation, and what's more this makes the head extremely compact.


Other Controls

If there is a need to control other items...conveyors, index wheels. separators and the like an ergonomic but compact control box is provided.

However if more complicated options are required it may be expedient to have a color touch panel PLC can be added with memories fro ease of repeat setups on different products.


Touch Panel controls

On the Delta Range, often simple ergonomic color operator panels are provided to show machine status, to control all options with memories to recall previous set-ups, and is password protected where necessary.

Several configurations are available


Premier Controls

Stainless Steel Premier control box can be constructed with multiple screens for Vision, machine control, printer control etc.

Again different configurations are available