Aesus Conveying Systems

Conveyors and Pack off tables



Packoff Tables and conveyors





Packoff Tables and conveyors






Packoff Tables and conveyors






Packoff Tables and conveyors






Packoff Tables and conveyors









Clear choice

Servo and not Stepper drive

Incredibly Compact

Mandrel direct application to product

Print registration




Mandrel application.... Bands or Sleeves are applied to the container, directly from the mandrel. This means there is no secondary side transfer or vacuum cups or other movement. Sleeves go right onto the container or neck.

Simple controls


Simple ergonomic operator panel shows machine status, controls all options, has memories to recall previous set-ups, and is password protected where necessary.

Optional Accessories

 Photo Registration for Printed Band Material, stops the feed at the length determined by photo registration marks on the Material.


Automatic Motorized Band Unwind, operates using a low level sensor which detects when the band unwind should feed band to alleviate web tension.

Horizontal Perforation Assembly Allowing the cap to be removed from the container while leaving the sleeve on the the container.

Vertical Perforation Assembly, always combined with the motorized band unwind, a hardened perforation wheel perforates the sleeve. Note with our system no additional tension is given to the web by the perforation wheel because of the motorized unwind. The Perforation placement on the band can be adjusted anywhere horizontally along the material’s layflat.