Wrap Labellers

From Simple wrap labelling to over 400 per minute

Eco Wrap Labeler

For the budget conscious the Eco Wrap sports the same powerful Servo H400 head as our higher end models but eliminates many bells and whistles to give a cost effective automatic wrap labeler.

Speeds of over 100 per minute can be obtained. It includes a 7ft long Stainless Steel conveyor, 14 inch Wrap belt, framed Stainless stand. Although economical this is a fine labeler with a label dispense head that is so rugged and accurate that others have a hard time competing with its performance.

Delta Wrap Labeler

For speeds up to 120 per minute the Delta-Wrap includes the powerful Servo H400 PREMIUM head and a stainless steel enclosed base Cabinet with an anodized aluminum top plate, and a 9’ long sanitary raised bed Stainless Steel conveyor.

The Stainless steel sloped control box with a Color touch panel has an Omron PLC with recipe management as standard, or an Allen Bradley PLC as an optional Extra The machine comes complete with a variable speed product separation wheel and 4'' Tall x 14'' Long wrap belt as standard.

Premier Star Wrap Labeler

PREMIER STAR WRAP PLUS Pressure sensitive labeler. Including H400 ""PREMIUM"" SERVO Labeling applicator, the World's most advanced Head with variable speed and can dispense over 2 feet/sec!

Products are loaded from the conveyor into a starwheel with twin rollers at each starwheel pocket. The starwheel rotates to the labeling station located adjacent to a motorized wrap belt. The product is therefore securely held at 3 separate stabilizing points. With the container so stable, a label is perfectly applied. The wrap around belt finishes the job by turning the product with its label still securely held. As the rotation speed of the product is higher than the transportation speed of the product, the application of the label can reach very high production rates.
All linear adjustments are done with graduation systems (rulers or dial indicators).

The unit is shown with a coder bracket and two Camera brackets complete with cameras, Vision system and Coder.

Simple Controls

Stainless Steel control box with multiturn lockable precise speed controls.

A color touch panel PLC can be added if many options are needed.

Touch Panel controls

On the Delta Range, simple ergonomic color operator panel shows machine status, controls all options, has memories to recall previous set-ups, and is password protected where necessary.

Different configurations are available

Premier Controls

Stainless Steel Premier control box can be constructed with multiple screens for Vision, machine control, printer control etc.

Different configurations are available